My VPN recommendation

So, you encounter VPN ads all the time out there, and what should you choose? Can’t tell you – it’s a wild market out there, and it really depends on what you need your VPN for – privacy, hiding, access to GEO Locked regions, Netflix/Streaming from other countries – who knows?! Each is different and all VPN providers were made equal.

I can only recommend those I have had good experience with but you should shop and consult other people depending on your needs. My needs included mainly the last two – which are pretty similar, “pretending” that my browsing/network traffic is coming from a country other than which I’m physically present at. For these, NordVPN was the best value for money.

It is very simple to open an account and has many plugins/applications that support connecting with any smartphone/tablet/computer and even routers. Their documentation and support is very good. And they provide a multitude of countries you can connect via.

Open an account with NordVPN today?

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