My VPN recommendation

So, you encounter VPN ads all the time out there, and what should you choose? Can’t tell you – it’s a wild market out there, and it really depends on what you need your VPN for – privacy, hiding, access to GEO Locked regions, Netflix/Streaming from other countries – who knows?! Each is different and all VPN providers were made equal.

I can only recommend those I have had good experience with but you should shop and consult other people depending on your needs. My needs included mainly the last two – which are pretty similar, “pretending” that my browsing/network traffic is coming from a country other than which I’m physically present at. For these, NordVPN was the best value for money.

It is very simple to open an account and has many plugins/applications that support connecting with any smartphone/tablet/computer and even routers. Their documentation and support is very good. And they provide a multitude of countries you can connect via.

Open an account with NordVPN today?

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Building a Hebrew wordpress website with an English Dashboard

Most of the websites I build have a Hebrew frontend, this makes sense as the customer base of my clients speaks and reads Hebrew.

Wordpress supports i18n out of the box, most languages have their own customized install (including Hebrew) so that the websites starts in the required language right after install, if by chance you installed the "wrong" language, it is a quick matter to download the relevant language files and add support to the required language.

However this causes the ENTIRE website to display in the language of choice, including both the frontend AND the back-end, this poses a problem for some (like me) who like to operate in their working environment in English, this is because we are comfortable managing the site in English, this is what I do in this site, and in all sites I manage. This is for many reasons, not the least of which is the fact that all tutorials, plugin documentation and more are in English .when I look for them, translating them into Hebrew is a hassle in most cases, since clients can be taught to manage the site in English as well (and always like to save costs where it isn't necessary to invest in translation).

On this site, this is not a big deal, I run WMPL which allows me to translate any piece of content into as many languages as I want, and allows the admin dashboard to be in any supported language, regardless of what the front-end is displaying. However, this is a rather costly plugin (meaning it costs more the $0) and not everyone needs a multi-language site (for example I don’t, but I wanted to have one – because I can).

So for those sites on which I don’t have WPML installed I faced a slight problem, until I found this cute, simple and perfect plugin Admin in English which is free, and works exactly like I want it to, Turn the plugin on, the dashboard converts immediately into English, turn it off – it plops right back without any negative effect.

(a nice addition, which I might program into it, is setting the admin language by user – which would make it even more effective and useful.)


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